Slide design

To turn the existing draft into a presentation, you will need an eye-catching, clear design with excellent typography and pixel-perfect illustrations.

It should take the information hierarchy and human perception into account — and be precisely in line with the brand guidelines. We’ll help you with that.

$ 10−20 per slide.

The price depends on the slide complexity and can in rare cases reach $ 40+. Good thing, tho: we won't count identical slides that differ only in text.

As a result

You’ll get an awesome looking and ready-to-use presentation in Keynote, PowerPoint or PDF.


Typically, complex slides should be divided into a few for better readability. I charge for the number of resulting slides, which may differ from your draft. I never abuse it, though.

C$250 discount

You will get a C$ 250 discount if you already paid for the initial consultation concerning this presentation.

Fill out the form, and I’ll reach out in 1–2 business days. We’ll discuss your goals and current situation and see how I can help.

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