Initial consultation

If you got an upcoming presentation, but don’t have a reliable plan (yet), it makes sense to have an hour-long consultation.

1. We will analyze your goal, audience, and context.

2. Define what you want to achieve.

3. Find out what needs to be done for this outcome.

4. Build a storytelling.

5. Back your statements with compelling facts and data.

It's $ 200

for 45−60 min for zoom-call (or live consultation if you live in Vancouver).

As a result

You’ll have a presentation plan that you can further detail.


It’s a collaborative effort: instead of me doing everything for you, we do it in the best way possible — together.

C$250 discount

If you decide to book my other services after the consultation, you will get a C$250 discount on them.

Moneyback guarantee

If you don’t like the consultation, I will give you your money back — no questions asked.

Fill out the form, and I’ll reach out in 1–2 business days. We’ll discuss your goals and current situation and see how I can help.

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