My name is Vadim. I'm a Senior Product Designer with 7+ years of experi­ence.

See Flightpath case study.

Flightpath is a training service and a methodology for designers to quickly gain the skills they need to work effectively and advance their careers.

My impact at Flightpath

as the Founder, Product Designer, 2022

Flightpath is an educational service for designers. I've created the concept, developed the methodology, designed and then user-tested the service.


Sales on online webinars presenting Flightpath compared to older webinars demonstrating LMS (learning management system) currently in use.

Based on statistics for 5 webinars.


Sales through chatbot funnel presenting Flightpath compared to the previous funnel version.

Based on 100 chatbot interactions.

−80 %

Projected cost of producing promotional pages, certificates, social media materials, etc., compared to the current workflow.

Based on time and cost of production prognosis.


New affordable first-purchase funnel product (Flightpath consultation for designers) in addition to existing two.

I have a full-stack experience.

I’ve made a card deck, designed a landing page, created instagram content & copy, the design system and Webflow-coded the Data Viz Deck. Visit and try moving cursor!

I’ve made a card deck, designed a landing page, created instagram content & copy, the design system and Webflow-coded the Data Viz Deck. Visit and try moving cursor!

I got an experience with AR apps.

I've designed a mobile app for Spheroid Universe, a platform for developing extended reality projects (the technological basis of the Platformis, the Spheroid XR Cloud, and the Spheroid Script, a programming language designed for AR/XR creation).

My impact at Autumn AI

as the Founding Product Designer, 2022−2023

Autumn AI is a startup that passively measures users' mental well-being and take preventative action to improve it.

Autumn AI was acquired by Qualtrics, a leading experience management company (16,000+ clients including Yamaha, BMW, Microsoft, and over 75% of the Fortune 100).


Developed an onboarding process that completely removed the founder’s burden of manually adding new clients to the service, which in some cases took 60+ min.

Founded and developed a design system that helps quickly design new sections of the service, re-use components and quickly implement them, taking into account engineering constraints.

In close communication with Developers.


Designed the service’s visual style from ground up.

I'm experienced with complex web services.

I designed a website and built a design system for Prove, a global eSports ecosystem with a full range of services for gaming enthusiasts.

My impact at Pajasu Design School

as the Founder, Product Designer, 2019−2022 is an EdTech startup focused on students’ achievements, aiming for the best teaching quality industry-wise.


Built educational system with 95%+ completion rates, Net Promoter Score (NPS) 20% more than industry average, and world-class learner performance.

Based on 110+ customer interviews within 4 months.


350+ graduated students: web designers, product designers, ux designers and more.

Within 2 years.


Conducted 120+ educational courses, workshops, live and online events on product design, web design, digital typography, UX, freelance, photo manipulation and creativity.

Within 10+ years.

I adore pixel-perfect approach.

I've designed arguably the best tally counter mobile app on the AppStore.

I no-code with .

Webflow is a no-code platform for building responsive websites, that auto-generates HTML, CSS, and JS, and supports animations and interactions.

Thanks to Webflow (and my engineering degree), it's easy for me to work with developers and turn designs into real products.

My impact at Skillbox

as Creative Director, Public Speaker, 2016−2019

Skillbox is an huge educational platform (estimated revenue: $111.4M/year) with over 700 academic programs and 100,000+ students.


Tripled design team's productivity and quality through mentorship.


Streamlined the production team's workflow, slashing landing page creation and launch time to under 3 days compared to the existing workflow.

Based on time and cost of production.


Developed an educational course on freelance with industry-record students’ incomes.

Helped students earn $70,000 during promotional events.


Oversaw 10+ projects simultaneously with cross-disciplinary teams of Designers, Art Directors, Account Managers, and Marketing Specialists.

I got an experience with brands and brand­books.

I've designed a promotional AR mobile app for MegaFon (mobile service with $1.360B+ revenue in 2021).

Notable clients

I do vivid graphics.

I've designed a poster for LIQUA, an award-winning brand of premium vape liquids.

I design for the real world.

I’ve designed a mobile app that allows users to send in their utility bills, taking into account the specifics of the region.

I conducted 110+ interviews

with Web and Product Designers, Creative, Art and Design Directors on creating products and designers' workflow nuances.

I got a lot of experience with design systems.

I've built a web service for Alfa Bank ($1.6B net profit in 2021) using their sophisticated design system.

I got experience with photo manipulation and retouch.

I've retouched Mustang GT 2005 for proud car owner back in the day, Vladimir Fearout (this is “before” and “after”).

I'm a mentor.

Since 2007, I've conducted 120+ live and online courses on design. I've also spent 800+ hours doing webinars online.

Notable topics: Product Design, Minimalistic Web Design, Digital Typography, Photo Manipulation, Freelance, Designer's Portfolio, and Remote╱Relocation.

I'm very experienced with educational methodology.

I've created hundreds of educational materials for the product design, web design and typography courses.


helped earn students at three intensive workshops I led at Skillbox, market-leading EdTech company.


live design events and live presentations conducted.


online courses and workshops conducted.


total audience.


max live audience.


max online audience.


hours of webinars and podcasts.


first started creating presentations.


flights to 26 countries.